7: Unisphere Gallery

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


1215 to 1 pm, Small Press Spotlight (Queens): 2Leaf Press (Jesus Papoleto Melendez, Abiodun Oyewole), New York Book (Miguel Falquez-Certain, Pedro Arturo Estrada, Jacqueline Donado)

115 to 2 pm, Small Press Spotlight:  Nightboat Books (John Keene, Gracie Leavitt), creature press (Cassandra Gillig), Futurepoem (Mina Pam Dick, Suyeun Juliette Lee)

210 to 255 pm, “Auto-Geographies”, feat. Poet/filmmaker Aiko Roudette, poet Jan Heller Levi (Orphan, Alice James Books), and poet Reggie Harris (Autogeography, Northwestern).

3 pm, “Quail rise”: R’s Queens”

My name & time: a Queens of the mind.

There’s an occult meaning in initials.

To “read in splendour” between these two lines from Robert Seydel‘s BOOK OF RUTH (Siglio, 2011), in which the eponymous Ruth Greisman “writes”: JC, MD, will never understand our distance from life – they’re pretenders in that. “Writes” in quotes because RG, like the Queens she shared with Joseph Cornell (through whom she “met” Marcel Duchamp), is of the mind (tho Ruth was Real: Robert’s aunt and, in his words “the artist in the Book”). For Quails rise, read R’s Queens. For Marcel Duchamp, Mina Pam Dick will read. For Joseph Cornell, Jane Carver will sound. For Robert Seydel, Ross Simonini will sing. For Formulas & Flowers, Farnoosh Fathi. Featuring a sub-sub library and other special guests. Organized by Emmy Catedral and Nathaniel Otting.

315 to 415 pm, “New Poetics of Magick”, feat Alan Clinton (curator), Toni Simon, Kristin Prevallet, Charles Borkhuis, Douglas A. Martin. Through various narrative and performative techniques, authors will address the question, What roles do spiritualism and/or magick play in relation to your practice as a writer/artist?

425 to 510 pm, “Gorgeous Nothings”, feat. translator Susan Bernofsky, poet/publisher/curator Stephen Motika, and poet/artist Jen Bervin. Collaborative reading/presentation, including on the writings and marginalia of Robert Walser and Emily Dickinson.

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