4: Atrium


Poet Sculpture, DUMBO Arts Festival, Vito Acconci, Brooklyn, NY 2013


230 to 4 pm, “QM Poet Sculpture”, feat. Samuel Jablon (curator/sculptor), Amy King, Yuko Otomo, Bushra Rehman, Marissa Perel, Emanuel Xavier, Steve Dalachinsky, Nikhil Melnechuk, Ammiel Alcalay, & Michael Taylor. The sculpture will be in flux with poets physically interacting with the structure, creating and manipulating a visual poem/structure while performing their work. Poets will stand on Julia de Burgos, Jayne Cortez, ee cummings, Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Guest, Langston Hughes, Tuli Kupferberg, Taylor Mead, Frank O’Hara, and Pedro Pietri.

445 to 545 pm, “Nickelodeon”, feat. Ian Spencer Bell, Bear 54/Entering Binocular Mode (Ernie Brooks, Peter Zummo, Billy Ficca, Walter Baker, Bill Ruyle), Listening Center (David Mason). A solo piece by an exciting young choreographer, a five-piece band of avant-punk/disco trailblazers (Arthur Russell, Modern Lovers, Television) from LIC, and an Irish electronic artist of moody synths will summon the spirits to conclude ETERNiDAY.

Facebook: ETERNiDAY Event Page


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